SINCE 1951

At the end of World War II, next to his retirement, Carlo Giudici left his job at Fratelli Rossi Company not to enjoy his earned rest - he was born in 1890 and began to work when he was only 14 - but to establish in Oltrona al Lago his individual Company named “Carlo Giudici”, a mechanical workshop for the design and for the construction of machinery and equipments to produce and repair pipes; some of his machinery are still used in several pipe factories in Italy and abroad.

Assisted by his sons Ferdinando and Livio, on May 17-1951, Carlo Giudici registered again his Company as factory for the production of metallic accessories and ebonite mouthpieces for pipes for third parties.

The production of our ebonite mouthpieces began using two presses and an autoclave for the vulcanization, while the compound was made at Fratelli Rossi. Then after having bought a used, open mixer, the whole production cycle was made by ourselves.
Officially, ours was the last Company to start this activity, but thanking to the learned experience of its founder and to his continuous care in choosing and using the best raw materials, our ebonite mouthpieces were immediately appreciated by Italian pipe makers for their high quality. Soon after, our mouthpieces reached foreign markets like England, Sweden, Isle of Malta and were soon welcomed by almost all of the main pipe makers and artisans in the world.

In 1956 the increase of requests of our ebonite mouthpieces marks the need for a first enlargement of our factory in Oltrona al Lago to occupy more labour, new production machinery and also for the creation of a workshop for the design and the construction of our moulds.

On April 19 - 1967, after the death of Carlo Giudici, our Company was named as “Carlo Giudici dei F.lli Giudici Sdf”; on April - 1972 it was registered as “Carlo Giudici dei F.lli Ferdinando & Livio Giudici Snc” while on July 29 - 2002 it was registerd with the present title, “Carlo Giudici Sas di Ferdinando Giudici & C.”
Since the late 60s, pressed by the increasing demands of our ebonite mouthpieces and giving birth to Carlo Giudici’s inner dream, in 1974 there started the construction of our new factory in Oltrona al Lago of more than 1.100 square metres.

In the new building, our production began in September 1980 with renewed and improved machinery to keep us updated with technology and to get a better quality of our product, even if the moulding and the vulcanization processes of our ebonite mouthpieces are always the original ones.
In all those years, the number of moulds we designed and created for the production of our articles increased a lot: at present we are offering our Customers a range of more than 250 models among which about 40 models are of exclusive drawing and usage of single Customers.
It is necessary to underline how the anti-smoking campaigns, starting from the 80s, have drawn the pipe market towards a heavy slump and signed a lower demand of the pipe usage; therefore, for a considerable period of time, our Company was compelled to create new and even different products made of ebonite like handles for cutlery and professional knives, arm-chairs handles and other articles of high design.