In 1986, the Chamber of Commerce in Varese awards our Company with the gold medal as “Premio al Lavoro e Progesso Economico” (Prize for Work and Economical Progress) and in 1990 with “Premio di Commercio Estero” (Award for Export Commerce), important acknowledgment for the long and appreciated presence of our ebonite mouthpieces for pipes on foreign markets.

Gold medal award for Work and Economical Progress  -  CCIAA Varese 1986 Exhibition of Pipes  -  Gavirate 1997 Award for Export Commerce  -  CCIAA Varese 1990 Anna Genzi’s original engravings made by hand with a printing star press to celebrate the 50th anniversary of foundation of our Company  – 2001 Letter of Mr. Reguzzoni, President of Province of Varese – 2004
In 1997 and 1999 our Company takes part in two exhibitions “Fumo e Colori di Lago: la storia della produzione di pipe nel Varesotto” (Smoke and Colours of the Lake: the story of pipe production in Varese district) organized in the ancient Monastery of Voltorre.

In 2001, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our foundation with the issue of a valuable brochure that wants to relate and to remember the first fifty years of our business.

In 2002, at Villa Recalcati in Varese - the seat of Province of Varese - the exhibition “Pipe di Varese: le radici di un successo mondiale” (Pipes of Varese: roots of a world-wide success) superbly underlines the importance of the production of the pipe factories on the shores of Lake of Varese that rappresents a high percentage of the whole Italian production. Our Company takes part in this event with great estimation.